Thursday, 12 July 2007

First Tuesday | 03 July | IPTV

Our presentations from this event can be found at the following links:

Rishaal Jadoo
Snr Manager, Electronics & High-Tech and Media & Entertainment

Jonathan Newman
General Manager, Strategy and Business Development
Multichoice Africa

Photos from the last event:

Tuesday, 05 June 2007

First Tuesday Event | 5 June 2007 | MultiMedia 2010

First Tuesday had over 100 people this morning - listening to Sanjay Kaul and Dr Jacques Steyn talk about Multimedia 2010 and the future of ICT.

The big money in Multimedia is online advertising - getting close to $30 billion in revenues. But "paid-for" content is growing fast (just over $6 billion).

GAMEYs (Google, AOL, MSN, Ebay, Yahoo) are the lion's share of this market at the moment.

But the Telco's are looking at this revenue and figuring out how to take their slice. Right now they get a portion through the content and brandwith charges but they want to position themselves as the gateway and billing part of the market.

Software as a Service and User Generated content are going to be a huge part of this process.

What is very evident is that the progress we are making in a technology will change how we live, interact and consume into the future - not just Multimedia but clothes and glasses will become opportunities to interact with brands and services.

It was hilarious to see the pictures of "PC" computers from the 60's and today's equivalent computing power. Dr Steyn showed the speed of the changes - not slowing down, but just getting started.

Microsoft's new interface "surface" which acts as an interactive workspace and much more. Interactive presentation tools that allow you to draw virtually during a presentation and holographs instead of keyboards and monitors...

and the key message is that is not the future - it's the NOW !

Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Event Photos | First Tuesday | Tuesday, 08 May 2007

A cool First Tuesday | 8th May | Vinny Lingham

We had a great First Tuesday meeting today - Vinny Lingham showed the audience how web 2.0 applications are taking over in an online world.

The stats are truly amazing - close to 15 million searches a day on and YouTube pages visited an average of 30 times a day.

Vinny wasn't very complementary about the adoption of web 2.0 technologies in South Africa(especially SEO and pay per click). Most of IncuBeta's clients are US based.

What he suggested is that everyone do a competitor analysis of the online spend in their industry. Most of Vinny's sales pitches just require IncuBeta to show the potential client what is actually happening in their space and which competitors are stealing their clients...


Mike Wright
Executive First Tuesday

Friday, 04 May 2007

First Tuesday Event | Web 2.0 | Search Engine Optimisation and Media Space

The First Tuesday event on 8th May 2007 hosts Vinny Lingham - founder of IncuBeta a new media company.

There are many enterprises that claim to be "New Media" - but few actually walk the talk.

IncuBeta (and sister company are truely escounced in the resurgent wave of internet advertising that has made Google one of the worlds largest companies.

Our speaker, Vinny and his company have won a few enviable awards along the way, he's coming to First Tuesday to share some of his experiences and insights into the world of new media and the workings of online marketing.

If you have any questions that you would like to pose to Vinny - please add it to a comment on this blog

Web 2.0 Feedback

The First Tuesday event held on 3 April 2007 was well attended by geeks, media folks and general interested parties.

There is no doubt that the use of web 2.0 technologies is going to have an impact on the use of the internet and the intranet. All the millions of "wanna-be" journalists have found a way of making their voices heard by blogging.

The number of blogs (and new blogs - daily) is staggering...

Stories about the power of blogging and bloggers made interesting conversations - large enterprises are having to take note of the use of their brands "in vain" as discontented customers vent their frustrations online. Online brand management now requires a daily review of what is being discussed in various well frequented blogs, as well the "Joe Average" blog that gets picked up by the search engines.

But blogging is only one of the collaborative toolsets that typifies Web 2.0, all the major software companies (e.g. IBM, Oracle, SAP) have started to make noises about their Web 2.0 efforts. Lotus Notes has a good claim on providing the original collaborative environment - but like many good things - may have been a bit ahead of its time.

Web 2.0 and open source software are fast becoming entwined and the use of the Creative Commons license agreement for the release of open source software is the prefered manner of protecting the spirit of collaborative software development.

It's great to see the "internet' making a comeback as a serious tool for both individuals and enterprises. For those of us that survived the dot com crash, we're hoping this is not another boom and bust cycle - but rather the foundation for a totally connected world.


Mike Wright
First Tuesday Executive